22 meters Jongert

A new interesting refit we have done in the spring of 2013 is on a sailing boat, the JONGERT of 22 meters built in the 80′s by the famous Dutch shipyards. A marinae boat, very good for making ocean crossings, built entirely of reinforced steel with aluminum shaft. The boat was presenting thinning and corrosion of plating and it was therefore necessary to partially replace it. We proceeded with an analysis of the thickness of the sheet metal of the hull and the subsequent mapping of areas detected at low values.
Most of the areas of corrosion corresponded to the leveling cement present in the bilges and the areas concerned to the replacement of the plate corresponded to areas fully furnished.

We then proceeded in this way :
Removed all the machinery in the engine room,
Removed all either metallic or wooden planking.
Removed all the furnishings at the waterline, from the zone of the owner and crew cabins in the bow.
In the meantime it was dismantled the existing teak deck to proceed to sandblasting and priming of the steel deck.
Tracked zones of replacement of the sheet, we then proceeded to cut the plating corroded and related structures concerned.
After having welded the new sheet and make any necessary X-rays relative at the view for the RINA expert, we started blasting all the inner sheets of the plating cycle and applied suitable bilge. Similarly, the hull was completely sandblasted and applied a great cycle hull with two coats of antifouling.
We started the installation of all machinery in the engine room and the new construction of all plumbing and installation of the furniture removed.
On deck the work continued in the grouting of the bridge and sticking the new teak deck pre- assembled in carpentry .
After the tires of the comments of the bridge all the rigs on the deck were refitted, rails, eyebolts, stanchions etc. .
Every fan coils were replaced, refrigerators compressors and kitchen were fully rebuilt.
This activity was quite complex and lasted from March to June 2013.



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