Azimut Yacht

For over a year our Company have been engaged by the Major Brokers to Survey many Boats of different Brends as Azimut, Atlantis, Magellano from 44″ to 100″ before that the units are Shipped to their final destination (Stati Uniti, Asia, Canada e Mexico, etc..).Our survey have been ask by the Clients, to improve the already good quality of the Boats, that need to be brougth it to an higher level, that let them increase their busniss and their Clients satisfaction, that they will receive the Boats with no problem or with the presence of these reduced to  the minimun.The Surveyes are based in check the Hull and Superstucture, the Gel Coat and Paint, the trough Hull passages and the Varnishing, all the Windows and Oblò and their watertighness and waterproff capability, the furntiures installation their functionality and verify that there are no defects on essences and varnishing, test and functionality of all systems and equipment installed on Board. At the end is carried out sea trials to test the performance and functionality of the Engines, Rudders, Thrusters, Fin or Gyro Stabilzer and all the navigational instruments.


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