Upwind Bimini Top

I was requested to install a bimini top, closed also in the rear part, on a sofa built specifically at stern, on an approx. 40-meters long yacht. The sizes of the bimini top are approx. 4 meters in width and 3 meters in height. The problems that must be solved in this case are:

1) how can I use such a big bimini top when it’s windy? (it’s always windy at sea)
2) how can I maintain my privacy? (this prevents to build the rear part in perforated material)

These matters have been solved as follows: the bimini top was built with white acrylic material, oval openings have been made in the rear part, strengthening the cutting edges. Fabric strips have been applied in the external rear part, sewn only in the upper part. This way, the bands cover the opening in case there is no wind, and in case of wind, these open up just enough to release the air pressure on the fabric.

As you can see from the photographs, the result is fairly good at an aesthetic level, and the solution works perfectly also in case of strong wind.

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