La Spina, Vintage Yacht

Luckily I had the chance to take a survey on the famous vintage yachts “La Spina” built in 1929 in the prestigious shipyard Baglietto in Varazze, an historic gem unique in the world! “La Spina” is the first yacht of 12 meters international tonnage built in Italy, which was awarded by the Italian Sailing Federation with the “vela number 1″. Only fifty years later the “vela number 2″ was assigned to “Azzurra”.

This is not a simple boat. It is a significant piece of the history of the Italian yachting . The launch of La Spina in 1929, was not only a bold and challenging sports project up to that times almost exclusively of British, American and Scandinavian firms, but also posed a challenge and a cultural evolution of a social class looking for a place in the complex process of nation-building. The races between 12 meters are not only prestigious sporting events, but also important social gatherings attended by members of various royal houses. So it was that the Marquis Spinola, Admiral of the Royal Navy, entrusted the shipyard Baglietto in Varazze the burden and honor to make the first 12 meters of international tonnage ever built in the Mediterranean sea. The specifications imposed by the tonnage limits blend with the needs of the owner, not willing to sacrifice the habitability and comfort of the interior, combining fashion and glamor to sporting passion. The result is a speedboat with the qualities of a boat cruise, where impeccable and refined interior accommodations are combined with a very fine hull lines. The extreme flexibility of this vessel, the result of the vision of the owner, has allowed over the years to put aside the “racer” soul for the benefit issue of “cruiser”, becoming a yacht on which found place many personality of international society such the Prince of Piemonte Umberto of Savoy.

After several changes of ownership at the end of the twentieth century was pulled dry and abandoned on the Spanish coast, at the mercy of the weather, suffered a sharp decline. In 2005 a careful restoration work was taken by the most skilled shipwrights. The intent is to recover the boat both structurally then philologically, bringing the sailing back to 12 m. S.I.
The restoration work was completed in 2008, nearly eighty years after its construction, La Spina is then enrolled to the Italian vintage yacht, receiving the new certificate of international tonnage. It ‘amazing how all the missing details have been rebuilt so then the first impression when getting on board is to be in another time, a blast from the past.

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