We offer a qualified service applied to shipbuilding for small, medium and large motor yacht or sailing boats. Thanks to decades of experience in the field of Naval Surveys, working for various shipyards of international prestige, we have gained an in-depth knowledge of the design and construction of all types of vessels.


Bianchi Marine Services is a perfect partner, reliable and confidential, for all naval activities including legal expertise and consulting, system testing, refit and repairs activities.

Your trusted Nautical Expert, specialized in:

Naval Experts.

We have been carrying out ship surveys for more than 20 years. We boast all the experience, skills and the network of reliable contacts and suppliers that allow us to deliver the work according to the established terms and times.

Pre-Purchase Surveys.

When a second-hand boat is purchased, it is important to check the real  conditions, therefore the state of the boat in relation to the years of life and use, trying to determine the proper quality/price ratio. In the same way, when purchasing a new yacht, before delivery it is essential that everything is tried and tested to verify the proper functioning and quality of what has been built, in accordance with the contractual technical specifications and rules of the Naval Registers.

A Naval Expert You Can Rely On.

The professional experience of the surveyor is essential in checking and evaluating parameters such as the state of materials, possible hidden damages (yielding, delamination), the working conditions of the systems and engines, the need of interventions and relative costs.

Refit and Repairs.

We can organize and manage refit projects thanks to our close relationship with several big shipyards. Our staff can help establish, monitor and audit the plan, ensuring that the equipment is kept according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and that required maintenance is undertaken on schedule.

Estimative Survey.

Particularly recommended prior to purchasing a second-hand boat, it includes the inspection of the boat, from the hull to the internal structures, and the inspection of the operation and conditions of the engine and electric and hydraulic systems, of the fuel, gas, accessories and onboard instrumentation.


From routine maintenance and special surveys to complete rebuilds, we offer owners, captains and crew a complete supervision service, including drawing-up and verifying work lists, negotiating yard quotes and contracts, as well as providing day-to-day supervision from start to end.

Troubleshooting Surveys.

Carried out in case of damages or repairs; for example, in case of osmosis, it foresees the measuring of the humidity at the bottom and the appraisal of the state of progress and seriousness of the osmotic phenomenon. Later on, technical specifications can be drawn up indicating the type of activity to carry out and technical specifications can be issued concerning the products to use in the specific case.