What the Pre-Purchase Nautical Survey includes:

The 4 phases of a nautical survey

The nautical survey is true research into the smallest details, with the aim of discovering the real structural conditions of a yacht, to test the equipment and instruments on board. The client is then given a detailed report with all findings, on which any problems found are examined and information and recommendations for necessary repairs are given.

The general survey includes a general inspection of the entire yacht and a sea trial. Specifically, the 4 phases are:

The in-water inspection in nautical surveys includes a detailed check of the interior and exterior of the yacht. A visual and qualitative assessment of elements such as windows, fabrics, cushions, accessories, but also the deckhouse, deck, teak.

The inspection of the electrical system in nautical surveys involves a detailed assessment of all the yacht’s electrical components. This includes checking cables, connectors, switches and distribution systems. The objective is to identify potential problems, damage or irregularities that could compromise the efficiency and safety of the maritime electrical system.

Dry inspection in marine surveys includes a detailed check of the hull and submerged parts of the vessel. A visual assessment of items such as the presence of osmosis, corrosion, propellers, rudders, sacrificial anodes, hull sensors, centerboards, stabilizing fins, bow thrusters is performed. This inspection identifies potential defects, wear and tear or damage that may affect the performance and safety of the vessel.

Sea trials in nautical surveys involve sailing the vessel to assess its operational performance. During this phase, performance, engine functionality, maneuverability, stability, rigging, masts and sails, and general efficiency are tested. Any anomalies or problems that might only emerge in real sailing conditions are looked for.

Evaluation expertise

The appraisal report is often requested for temporary or permanent importation of a yacht, or it is requested by insurance companies for leasing or body insurance. In this case, the appraisal must be sworn, i.e. sworn in court.

A correct appraisal requires a thorough inspection of the yacht and checking that everything is functioning properly, and knowing the type and model of the yacht so that an exact economic estimate can be calculated.
It is very important in an appraisal that the appraiser is also an excellent connoisseur of the yacht market in general: in this case, technical expertise, although fundamental, is not the only parameter to be followed.

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Hull inspection

If a complete assessment of the entire yacht is not required, the inspection may focus only on the condition of the hull: the condition of the fiberglass, metal or panels, rudders, masts, propellers and appendages.
Ultrasonic analysis may be requested to assess the condition of the lamination on both GRP and metal yachts.

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Underwater hull inspection

If deemed necessary, an underwater inspection of the hull and hull appendages, checking sacrificial anodes, propellers, rudders and fins and/or centerboards can also be carried out. At the end of the inspection, in addition to the inspection report, photographic documentation in digital format of what has been observed will be provided.

Why carry out a Nautical Expertise?

Nautical surveys in La Spezia and Genoa. Nautical surveys in Viareggio, Carrara, Livorno. Nautical and naval surveys in Liguria and Tuscany.

The purpose of a general appraisal, better known as a pre-purchase or pre-sale appraisal, is to identify in detail the defects of a yacht, so as to help the new buyer decide whether to close the deal, or to indicate to the owner the market value of their yacht.

A nautical survey is especially recommended if you are deciding to purchase a second-hand yacht, or if your new yacht has been used after delivery or returned at the end of a contract.

The general survey ensures that all points of a contract are fulfilled and, above all, that the yacht meets the required technical specifications.

Each type of yacht and its construction material require a specific technical approach and equipment. The surveys I carry out comply with international operating codes, drawn up by worldwide survey organizations.

I am available to carry out nautical and naval surveys in Liguria, Tuscany and central Italy, but also in other regions of Italy and abroad.

Only those who build know where they can hide the most hidden defects.