What is a Yacht Refit?

Yacht refitting in La Spezia and Genoa. Yacht refitting in Viareggio, Carrara, Livorno. Yacht refitting in Liguria and Tuscany.

Refitting is a complete process of renewing and improving an existing vessel. It includes a wide range of activities, such as replacing structural components, repairing damage, upgrading electronic systems, installing new equipment, painting, interior restoration and modernizing finishes. This process aims to extend the useful life of the vessel, improve its performance and ensure compliance with current safety regulations.

The refit can also involve aesthetic adaptation to respond to contemporary design trends. It is a significant investment that can transform an older yacht into a modern, safe and efficient one, adapting it to the current needs and standards of the nautical sector. 

I can take care of the following work and repair services:

  • Hauling Installation
  • Repairs or renovations of interiors and exteriors
  • Hull and superstructure painting
  • Repairs or modifications to machinery and systems
  • Modification or addition of machinery
  • Osmosis prevention or removal treatments
  • Structural changes
  • Repair, modification or refurbishment of teak decks
  • Repairs, or checks on axle lines
  • Propeller repair and balancing

The advantages of Refit

In some cases the Refit is an excellent alternative to purchasing a new one. Some of the main advantages are:

Nautical refit can be cheaper than purchasing a new yacht, allowing you to save significantly on total costs. Retrofitting an existing yacht can offer better value for money.

With a refit, you can customize your existing vessel to suit your needs and tastes without having to compromise on specifications or design. This flexibility allows you to create a tailor-made yacht to exactly suit your preferences.

The refit allows you to reduce the time needed to have a yacht completely ready compared to purchasing a new yacht. By avoiding the process of building from scratch, a refurbished vessel can be quickly returned to sea, allowing you to enjoy nautical experiences without long waits for delivery.

I rely on a large network of shipyards and expert suppliers that covers the entire area of Liguria and Tuscany, but also other Italian and foreign regions.

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